Greenhouse Gravity Flow Racking

Manufacturer: Stromberg

Stromberg Greenhouse Gravity Flow Racking centralizes order picking for faster, more organized shipping. FOB: West Coast Warehouse.

Stromberg Greenhouse Gravity Flow Racks offer:

  • Flats, loaded on the rear of a rack, move toward the front picking zone on inclined shelves equipped with roller track.
  • Racks have one or two picking levels, and up to 20' deep.
  • Flats flow on a galvanized steel track with polyethylene wheels on 1-1/2" centers.
  • Many sizes are available and the racks can be made to your specifications.


  1. The workers load flats at the rear of rack. There are labels at each end to ensure order accuracy, while rollers in the lane carry the product gently down to the order picking end.
  2. The order pickers at the front of the flow rack select flats from the appropriate lane for a specific order.
  3. The workers place the flats on an adjacent conveyor or directly on shipping carts.
  4. The conveyors carry flats to order assembly workers who quickly load a cart with a specific order.
  5. The completed orders on the carts are transported to the shipping dock, even as other orders are being assembled.

Saves Labor Cost

  • Order picking is done in a centralized location near the shipping area.
  • Fewer workers can pick many different plants from a small area.
  • Drastically reduces walking time for workers.

Organizes Picking

  • Tasks of restocking a flow rack, picking orders and loading shipping carts are separate operations and can be done simultaneously.
  • Less congested, more orderly picking environment.

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Greenhouse Gravity Flow Racking

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